JSON parsing

June 8, 2021

The JSON.jl package provides JSON parsing and printing capabilities in Julia. See the package's documentation for installation and usage information. The example below parses the vehicles.json file which contains

        "make": "Ford",
        "model": "Mustang",
        "year": 1979
        "make": "Ford",
        "model": "Explorer",
        "year": 2001

and the fruits.json file which contains

    "apples": 8,
    "oranges": 2,
    "berries": 19,
    "melons": 4

This example uses the JSON package to parse the above JSON files.

import JSON

# Parse vehicles.json which contains an array of objects
julia> v = JSON.parsefile("vehicles.json")

julia> v[1]["model"]

julia> v[1]["year"]

# Parse fruits.json which contains several name:value pairs
julia> f = JSON.parsefile("fruits.json")

julia> f["berries"]