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Gavin Wiggins

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Research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory near Knoxville, TN.

My current work is developing computational models to simulate the fast pyrolysis of biomass in fluidized bed reactors. This research is part of the Consortium for Computational Physics and Chemistry for the U.S. DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office. I am also involved in various battery simulation activities as part of the Computer Aided Engineering for Batteries project.

As an enthusiastic developer, I organize monthly meetings for the Knoxville CocoaHeads and KnoxPy programming groups. Visit my GitHub profile to learn more about my coding projects and contributions.

Contact me via Email and Twitter. My full resume is available upon request.


WeathrClip provides current weather conditions, 5-day forecast, hourly forecast, and precipitation radar for your Mac and iPhone.

Un1ts is a comprehensive unit converter for the Mac.


Realm Mobile Database. Knoxville CocoaHeads meetup in Knoxville, TN on April 18, 2017. [PDF]

Modeling the Impact of Biomass Particle Size Distribution and Shape on Heating Behavior During Fast Pyrolysis. TCS 2016 Symposium, Chapel Hill, NC, November 1-4, 2016. [PDF]

NSUserDefaults in Swift. Knoxville CocoaHeads meetup in Knoxville, TN on April 19, 2016. [PDF]

Firebase for iOS. Knoxville CocoaHeads meetup in Knoxville, TN on August 16, 2016. [PDF]


Simulating Biomass Fast Pyrolysis at the Single Particle Scale. From the book "Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass", 2017, Chapter 11, pp. 231-253. [Link]

Low-Order Modeling of Internal Heat Transfer in Biomass Particle Pyrolysis. Energy & Fuels, 2016, 30 (6), pp 4960–4969. [Link]

Development of a Low-Order Computational Model for Biomass Fast Pyrolysis: Accounting for Particle Residence Time. Technical Report, 2016, ORNL/TM-2016/69. [PDF]

Coupling DAEM and CFD for simulating biomass fast pyrolysis in fluidized beds. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2016, 117, pp 176-181. [Link]

Biomass Particle Models with Realistic Morphology and Resolved Microstructure for Simulations of Intraparticle Transport Phenomena. Energy Fuels, 2015, 29 (1), pp 242–254. [Link]

Evaluation of Biomass and Coal Briquettes for a Spreader Stoker Boiler Using an Experimental Furnace — Modeling and Test. Clemson University, 2011. [Link]

System Modeling of ORNL's 20 MW(t) Wood-fired Gasifying Boiler. Conference: American Flame Research Committee, Pacific Rim Combustion Symposium, 2010. [Link]